About us


We are a Year 1–6 state school in Point Chevalier, Auckland with a focus on educational achievement for our students in an environment of respect. 

At Point Chevalier School we see our most important resources as the people, staff and community. After repeated community demands for a local school, Point Chevalier School was officially opened in June 1925. 


In 2014 the school's ethnic makeup was approximately 74% NZ European, 8% Māori  7% Pasifika and the remainder from a variety of ethnicities (including Indian, Chinese, Afghani, Serbian, African). 

Over the past 18 years the school has moved from a decile one to a decile ten classification, reflecting changes in the community. 

School site

The school's roll has more than doubled over this period as younger families have moved into the community and sections have been subdivided. The roll increase over time has led to major changes in the school's infrastructure. Many more permanent classrooms have been built and the school has a 25 metre swimming pool, a new library, a two storey administration block, a teacher resource centre and an auditorium accommodating 700 students. 

Education outside the classroom

Students participate in a variety of education outside the classroom opportunities. The school's central location allows ready access to the local beach and streams, mangrove forests, Meola reef, Auckland Zoo, MOTAT. and Western Springs. Classes also visit Auckland Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, Stardome, Botannical Gardens, and also the regional parks and theatres in conjunction with teaching and learning programmes.