Meet the Board of Trustees

Find out about the individuals that make up the wonderful Point Chevalier School Board of Trustees.

Richard Green - Chairperson

This is my fourth term on the Board, and I have been chairperson for the last six .

Coming from a background in the not-for-profit sector, I understand fully the relationship and role between Governance and Management. The Trust I am executive director of, works in the arts field, providing opportunities and access irrespective or social, economic or geographical isolation. It offers a lot of challenges, but also skills such as business acumen, relationship management, project management, political acumen and social awareness which benefits my role as Chair.

I have had two sons, Jackson and Joshua, who have already passed through Point Chevalier School. Molly is currently in Year 5. My commitment to the school and the wider community is therefore long term. My commitment started as Chair of the kindy committee in 2002.

 I am lucky enough to have a job which also encompasses my passion, but outside of that I enjoy politics, music, reading, entertaining and especially watching my children and their friends grow into healthy members of our community. I returned to study in early 2016 and now am a qualified PT, something I never saw myself doing 5 years ago. Life is full of challenges and new directions. With a new principal and board we have a lot of new challenges and direction ahead - I will continue to support that however I can in the coming years.

Stephen Lethbridge (Principal)

I am honoured to be leading Point Chevalier School in the next phase of our learning journey. For the past ten and a half years I was Principal of Taupaki School. I am looking forward to learning alongside all the students, teachers and whānau.

I am married to Kenda and we have three children - twin boys Benjamin and Ronan (Yr 9), and a daughter Breanna (Yr 6). We live out West and I am getting acclimatised to the challenge of morning and afternoon traffic on the North Western Motorway.

My passion is in emerging technologies and future focused education. I have presented at a number of national and international conferences on a variety of themes relating to technology and education. In 2015 I gave a TEDx talk about creating a workforce that can answer ungoogleable questions. I have been the President of the Waitakere Area Principals' Association and have been on a number of reference groups and advisory panels. Recently I was asked to join the Board of Code Club Aotearoa.

I have the best job in the world, working with children is energising. I believe in failing fast and failing forward. We must prepare our children for living in a world where exponential change is the norm.

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see" - Neil Postman 1984

Kate Paterson

My name is Kate Paterson this is my first time on the Board of Trustees. I am the Mum of Oscar who is in Year 5 and Ira who is in Year 3 and we have lived in Pt Chev since 2004. I am passionate about education and love being a member of the Pt Chevalier School Community. 

I have a collection of academic accolades focused in New Zealand and the Pacific across four discliplines Art Theory, Art History, English and Film and cumulating in a Master of Arts with First Class Honours. My working career began teaching in the Art History Department of Auckland University, then at Auckland Art Gallery. I then worked as a Curator at Auckland Art Gallery before pursuing a career in Arts Management, working my way up until I managed the Auckland office of Creative New Zealand and advised professional art organisations. I later worked as the Manager of Art and Culture for Auckland Council. 

Not bad for a kid who was in remedial writing and spelling right through primary school. 

I have extensive experience working with funding, sponsorship and creative enterprise and working with community organizations and schools to bring arts programs to fruition. This included running a series of national workshops on governance for non-profit community arts groups, managing the Pacific Art Committee for Creative New Zealand and managing the team who delivered the Matariki Festival across Auckland including the extensive schools programme.

In recent years, my life has taken an unexpected turn with the development of MS. As a result I have gained much deeper insights on a personal level about the importance and significance of the school community in our daily lives. I also have to say that the Pt Chev School Community is amazing and I am very much looking forward to contributing as a board member. 

Juliet Pendleton

I have worked in three schools prior to Point Chevalier and joined the staff at Point Chevalier in 2010, working as part of
the Year Five and Six team
, where I am now the Team Leader.   In addition to my time in NZ, I spent four years teaching in London.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, it highlighted to me how lucky we are when it comes to education in NZ.  Not only do we have a curriculum that allows us to work in ways that best suit our children, we have children that are treated with respect and parents and communities that are supportive and interested in education - all resulting in children that are motivated learners.   Point Chevalier School exemplifies all the aspects of education that I appreciate and value.  It is great to work in a school where the children are given so much ownership of their learning and there is such an emphasis on everything we do being meaningful to our learners.

It was studying the ‘bigger picture’ aspects of education, during my post-grad studies, which got me thinking that I wanted to look at the ‘bigger picture’ for our school.   I feel privileged to be undertaking my second term as the Staff Trustee.  We have a very highly skilled Board and a management team that I feel honoured to work with.  I am looking forward to my time on the BoT, both representing the point of view of educators and staff, as well as acting as a trustee. 


Simon Walker

Kia ora. As a resident of Point Chevalier and with 4 young children (3 of whom are at the school now) I am thoroughly committed to helping the school as it grows their love of learning and sense of community. The board of trustees has the great responsibility to represent the families of Point Chevalier through sound governance; working closely with the staff as they manage a vibrant, inclusive and ever-evolving teaching and learning programme. The educational landscape is continually changing and there will no doubt be challenges as we move forward, and I am honoured to work towards those challenges on behalf of the families and students of our school.

I am a secondary school teacher, and am now in my eighteenth year having taught at a number of schools with varying cultures. I am currently Deputy Principal at Diocesan School for Girls, and bring to the board an understanding of management structures in schools and teaching methodologies. I recognise that relationships are the foundation for learning; and with positive classroom experiences and teachers committed to excellence then much can be accomplished.

Young minds are shaped by the environment around them and a school shapes children in many of the most important ways. I am of Ngāti Porou and Whakatohea descent, with my own family now settled for two generations in Auckland. The positive influence of education is writ large in my own history.

The Board of Trustees Vision for Point Chevalier School

As well as our focus on "Progress with Honour – Tupu Whakahonore", we value the role that the school plays as a focal point in our community. We understand its value to the students, parents, and the wider community in terms of its core business of preparing students to participate in the world that lies ahead of them, but we also see its value in terms of creating and fostering a real sense of belonging for all of those who are part of the school.

The mission, vision and values that are clearly outlined within this school charter, are a reflection of this. We have sought the feedback of the students, the teachers, parents and the wider community in the formation of these ideas, and we feel that they represent a true reflection of the needs and desires of our community.

With this in mind, the Board has outlined a long term vision for our school in consultation with all of those groups that represent this community, and they are outlined here.

  • A commitment to the concept of Education for Sustainability. 
    We believe that in order to teach our students to think and act in a way that will protect our environment for future generations, we must take a whole school approach. This means that not only must we consider the way in which we teach our young people about their own interactions with the environment, but we must consider the impact of the school’s practices and also create an environment that in and of itself can act as a model of sustainability for our students and the wider community.
  • The protection of our school's outdoor space.
    Our geographic location means that we are facing ever increasing pressure in terms of student numbers, on a fixed physical resource. As a school that values the environment, the ability for children to run and play in open, clean air spaces and recognises the ever decreasing Green Space available in our fast growing city, the Board will protect the Green Space now in existence and preserve it as a valuable asset to our school and the community.
  • The development of our school's use of ICT technology to enhance learning.
    It is our belief that we must prepare our students to actively participate in the world in which they live. It is clear that a key skill in this new world will be their ability to participate as effective digital citizens. An important part of learning these skills is being given the chance to experience the opportunities, and the challenges presented by technology in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought as students and teachers learn.
  • A long term commitment to the performing arts.
    Our community – students, parents and teachers – see the value in performing arts as a vehicle for developing confident, articulate citizens. We seek to provide all students with opportunities for creativity, to demonstrate and grow their achievement beyond literacy and numeracy.