Report an absence

If your child is absent please notify the school as soon as possible by:

Using the Hero App


emailing both your classroom teacher and


phone the school office and press 5.

Room 1

Nina Beara

Room 2

Jason Peel

Room 4

Karen Girsberger

Room 5

Sacha Smith

Room 6

Natalie Simi

Room 8

Anthea Wike

Room 9

Joanne Hobson

Room 10

Meredith Bladen

Room 11

Jo Hagele

Room 12

Lisa Camp

Room 13

Nicole Beaver

Room 14

Libby Snushall

Room 15


Room 16

Firoza Robinson

Suite 1718

Hayley & Byron

Room 19

Charles Tomokino

Room 20

Miriam Paxie

Room 21
Marissa Long

Room 22

Ngariki Muru

Room 23

Tina Worral

Room 24

Jeanine Loughlan

Room 28

Anne Willis

Room 30

Violetti Luatua

Hub 31|32

Annabel & Jorti

For all holiday's during term time please download, fill in, and return a Holiday Request form to the school office.

Holiday alternative request form