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Covid Alert Level 3

Classroom teachers will be in touch via Hero with class-specific learning.

Please click through the Flexible Learning Portal to find learning activities for specific year levels as well as a range of learning from our specialists.

Please note that at Alert Level 3, the school grounds remain closed to the public.

If you are having difficulty with Hero, please contact



Pt Chevalier Public Calendar

2021 Term Dates
Term 1
Thursday 4 February - 'Getting to Know You' Day
8.50am Friday 5 February - First day in class - 3.00pm Friday 16 April
Staff Only Day: Thursday 1st April
Easter (School Closed): Friday 2 April, Monday 5th April, Tuesday 6th April

Term 2
8.50am Monday 3 May - 3.00pm Friday 9 July
Staff Only Day: Friday 4th June
Queen's Birthday: Monday 7th June

Term 3
8.50am Monday 26 July - 3.00pm Friday 1 October
Staff Only Day: Friday 24th September

Term 4
8.50am Monday 18 October - 2.00pm Friday 17 December
Labour Day: Monday 25th October
Staff Only Day: Monday 15th November

2022 Term Dates
Term 1
Tuesday 1 February - 'Getting to Know You' Day
8.50am Wednesday 2 February (first day in class) - 3.00pm Thursday 14 April

Term 2
8.50am Monday 2 May - 3.00pm Friday 8 July

Term 3
8.50am Monday 25 July - 3.00pm Friday 30 September

Term 4
8.50am Monday 17 October - 2.00pm Thursday 15 December