Performing arts

Class performing arts lessons

At Point Chevalier School we place an emphasis on the creative arts. Through parent donations, the school BOT funds a full time performing arts teacher, Rose Alexander, to teach music, dance and drama to all children in the school. Each class receives a weekly lesson of 45 minutes (30 minutes for Year 1) throughout the year. Lessons follow the guidelines set out in the New Zealand Arts Curriculum.


In music lessons, use is made of the Kodaly approach to music education. This method is singing based with lessons containing singing games, part singing, sight singing and much unaccompanied singing of predominantly traditional folk music from around the world. These are chosen for their historical and musical value, for their usefulness in teaching an element of music, or because they are fun to sing.  

One aspect of this approach is the development of the ability to internally hear music. In this way, students start to think musically and are able to begin to read, write and create music with understanding.  Kodaly tools to enable this include the use of 'solfege' (where students sing using the names do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti – reinforcing these using hand signs) and the use of rhythm names to enable easier recall of common rhythms.  

These skills are built up over the years so that by the time a child leaves in Year 6, they possess some useful musicianship skills. 

Realistically, the children need to have these skills reinforced several times during the week in class or at home to achieve a significant level of musical skill and literacy but, at the very least, our children will be able to sing, learn a classroom musical instrument, read and write to a basic level on the treble clef, and be able to talk about the musical elements in a piece of music with confidence and musical understanding.  

Dance and drama

In dance and drama lessons, the emphasis is on exploring their ability to control and use their bodies to convey meaning in a dramatic context. Students explore the basic elements of dance (time, energy, relationships, space, body awareness) to create their own simple dance pieces. In drama, they develop skills in characterisation, improvisation, mime, clowning etc.

Upcoming performances

Our choir will be participating in the local In Our Beat music festival on 29 and 30 October.

Our Marimba band will be participating in the ONZA Marimba Festival Saturday 20 September.

Our Ukulele group will be participating in the Ukulele Festival Saturday 29 November.

Other groups and learning opportunities

Children are encouraged to fully participate in music, dance and drama outside of class, including:

  • Year 4–6 choir
  • Year 5/6 marimba group
  • rock band
  • ukulele groups

You will often see children creating dances in the playground in preparation for a performance.

Individual and group music tuition

Children have the opportunity to learn instruments through Lewis Eady Music School which operates during school hours here at school.  Each year we have between 120-150 children who choose to learn an instrument either individually or in groups (maximum 3 per group).  Instruments on offer include: guitar, piano, keyboard, ukulele, violin, vocals, drum kit and recorder.  Brass and woodwind (saxophone, flute, clarinet) are also available if there is sufficient demand.

For year 1 and 2 children Musical Jam offers an introduction to music based on Orff music education principles.  Year 3 children have access to a one term sampler programme 'Blast Off' where students can try ukulele and keyboard over a term before deciding which to learn.

Details of the programmes on offer, costs and online enrolment forms are available on the Lewis Eady website.