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Music Groups 2021

There are a number of music groups offered to the senior school children (Year 4 - 6) throughout the year.  These groups are optional, and usually run for one term.  The main exception are the choirs (Senior and Junior), and the marimba group.  See below for more details.

There are two main choirs at Pt Chevalier School.  

The SENIOR CHOIR (maximum 70 children) goes for the whole year.  The Senior choir is mostly Year 5 & 6 children, but some exceptional Year 4 singers may be included if there's room.  Choir auditions begin in Week 2 - see below for details.

Practices are 2:15 - 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.  

As this is our main performance choir, our focus is on preparing for upcoming performance opportunities.  This, in turn, influences our repertoire choices.  Generally, in Term One, we practise some older songs as we prepare to sing for the Selwyn Village residents.
In Term 2, we begin working on material for concerts at the end of the year, which include a variety of audiences, genres and musical styles.

The Senior Choir works hard to prepare for these performances.  Thus it is important that our keen singers are willing and able to commit to being in Choir for the whole year.

Where there are specific performance opportunities during the year (such as APPA Music Festival or In Our Beat local cluster festival), special Performance choirs will be selected from the Senior choir.  
For other events, such as singing at Selwyn Village or in whole school assemblies, all the Senior choir will participate.

Senior choir will begin on Monday 22nd February (Week 4, Term 1).

The JUNIOR CHOIR Is for Year 3 and 4 children, but Year 2 children can join if they're really keen and willing to commit to lunchtime practices.

Practices are during lunchtime on Wednesdays, beginning in Term 2.

Year 3 children DO NOT need to audition - I will get their names when I see their classes during music lessons.
Year 4 children will be invited to audition - see the process below.

Year 4 - 6 children who wish to join the choir need to audition.
Year 3 children DO NOT need to audition.

Children must be prepared to commit to practices, and to being part of the choir for the whole year.  

Children audition by choosing a buddy (from the others keen to try out), then singing "Happy Birthday" together.  No child is asked to sing on their own during the auditions.

Choir auditions begin in Week 2, Term 1 and will continue through the week.  I will call for children class by class as there are usually quite a few keen to audition.  

If your child misses the audition day due to absence, or for new children who arrive later in the year, they're welcome to pop in to the Cube any morning tea time and I'll audition them then.

SENIOR MARIMBA GROUP is made up of Year 5 & 6 children who prepare for the annual ONZA Marimba Festival, held in Term 3.

Children indicate their interest in joining the marimba group on the questionnaire they fill out early in Term 1; I select the group from those names.

Practices are 1:30 - 2:15pm on Monday afternoons.  

Marimba group will begin on Monday 22nd February (Week 4, Term 1).

There are a number of groups offered throughout the year, mainly in ukulele and recorder.  These are for the Year 4-6 children only (due to numbers).

These groups run for one term.  They include:
* Ukulele - Beginners, Intermediate, Festival group, TAB masters (expert group)
* Recorder - Beginners, Intermediate, Ensemble group

In the first music lesson of the year, the Year 4-6 children complete a questionnaire asking if they would like to join one or two of the music groups during the year.  From the list of names collected, I compile group lists for each term.

Most of these groups run during class time.  However, sometimes it may be necessary to run the groups before school or at lunchtime, due to timetable constraints.

Groups usually meet on Thursday afternoons.
Term 1's groups will begin Thursday 18th February.
Beginners' recorder - 1:30 - 2:15pm
Beginners' ukulele - 2:15 - 3:00pm.

The Recorder Ensemble group is for recorder experts and meets at lunchtime on Thursdays.  It will begin on Thursday 18th March.