Reporting to parents

You and your child will receive two written reports each year – one mid-year and one at the end of the year. The mid-year report will inform you of your child's progress and achievement against the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The end of year report will do the same but will also summarise your child’s competencies in the other areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. The National Standards set expectations / aspirations for students at the following stages of their schooling:

  • After 1 year at school
  • After 2 years at school
  • After 3 years at school
  • At the end of Year 4
  • At the end of Year 5
  • At the end of Year 6

This means that in a child’s first three years at our school, the type of report received will depend on when they started school. If the timing of the report is close to the anniversary of your child’s start date, the report will inform you about whether your child is above, at or below the appropriate National Standard. We have called this an Achievement Report

If the timing of the report is closer to the mid-point between the above stages, the report will tell you and your child whether or not he or she is "On Track" to meet the appropriate National Standard on the anniversary of one, two or three years at school. We have called this a Progress Report.

For example, a child who started school in June 2012 has been at school for one year and will receive an Achievement Report in mid-2013 (against the National Standards after 1 year at school) and a Progress Report in December 2013 (against the National Standards after 2 years at school).

Once children reach Year 4 reporting becomes much simpler. We will report mid-year on "Progress towards …" and at the end of the year on "Achievement against ..." the relevant National Standard.

The exceptions to this are the children who are in Year 4 but are also at the end of ''3 years at school".

The information provided in the report is based on the teacher’s observations and assessments and includes ways you can support further learning at home. it also tells you the next steps identified by your child and his or her teacher - the things they are now "working on" together.

Written reports can never give a total picture of a child’s progress and development. Your child will share further aspects of this picture at their student led conference.

To see the National Standards themselves and an annotated report sample see the Resources folder on this page