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Pt Chevalier Public Calendar

2021 Term Dates
Term 1
Thursday 4 February - 'Getting to Know You' Day
8.50am Friday 5 February - First day in class - 3.00pm Friday 16 April
Staff Only Day: Thursday 1st April
Easter (School Closed): Friday 2 April, Monday 5th April, Tuesday 6th April

Term 2
8.50am Monday 3 May - 3.00pm Friday 9 July
Staff Only Day: Friday 4th June
Queen's Birthday: Monday 7th June

Term 3
8.50am Monday 26 July - 3.00pm Friday 1 October
Staff Only Day: Friday 24th September

Term 4
8.50am Monday 18 October - 2.00pm Friday 17 December
Labour Day: Monday 25th October
Staff Only Day: Monday 15th November