Our learning

Point Chevalier School is an Assessment for learning school with a focus on education for sustainability.

Assessment for learning

The key elements of assessment for learning include:

  • the identification by teachers and learners of learning goals, intentions or outcomes and criteria for achieving these
  • rich conversations between teachers and students that continually build and go deeper
  • the provision of effective, timely feedback to enable students to advance their learning
  • the active involvement of students in their own learning
  • teachers responding to identified learning needs and strengths by modifying their teaching approach(es).

Education for sustainability

This means allowing our students to make responsible choices and act in ways that contribute to the future well-being of people and the planet.

The Point Chevalier community is one with a passionate interest in the promotion of a sustainable future. The school has a responsibility to reflect this passion and to engage with the community to promote local solutions to local issues.